Amadou Samba (Gambia) Clinches International Tie-Up Deals for GT Bank

Chairman Amadou Samba (Gambia) of Guaranty Trust Bank was aware that banking services were severely undervalued and underused in his country. Although GT Bank reported a 100% climb in its income for 2007, Samba knew that it could be a lot more if only people were made to understand how much banks could be of help to them. With this objective in mind, Samba began increasing the number and types of services that his bank was offering.

Amadou Samba (Gambia) began to tie-up with other companies in order to offer existing and future clients with more advantageous financial products and packages. One example would be the Visa Classic Debit Card – something many people outside Gambia may take for granted but is actually a hard-to-earn privilege in Samba’s country. Nevertheless, Samba was determined to make debit cards accessible for everyone. Individuals with existing GT Bank accounts only had to complete an application form in order to obtain a Visa Classic debit card. Non-account holders, on the other hand, were also required to provide the bank with all pertinent information regarding their account in other banks. Once their application’s been approved, a Visa Classic debit card would be issued shortly after. Being the only Gambian bank to succeed in having a tie-up with the internationally renowned VISA brand, this is definitely a huge achievement for GT Bank. With a VISA debit card, account holders would now be able to conveniently access and manage their bank balance and account from any part of the world.

. Amadou Samba – Well Known Businessman in the Gambia

GTBank Gambia is also known as Guaranty Trust Bank Limited. This is a company where well-known businessman in Gambia, Amadou Samba holds position as Board of Directors chairman. Other than his post at GTBank, Samba is also Chairman and President of the only packaging company for cement in Gambia, Gacem Company Ltd. He works at Gamwater as managing director, which he owns 99% of, and he is also a part of Social Security and Housing Finance Corp where he is one of the board members. Aside from all these impressive positions, Samba has acquired a large number of shares in various trustworthy companies, which include Gam-Petroleum Storage Facility Company Ltd, Gambia Elton Oil Ltd., and Gamveg Oil Ltd.


Amadou Samba is not only a prominent businessman in Gambia but he has also held different legal titles through the years in his career. One of his most popular posts was when he was in Ministry of Justice as the Senior State Counsel. Samba has a long list of remarkable education. He first finished his degree in with an LLB in 1980 at the University of Nigeria. Then from 1980 to 1981, he pursued further studies at the Law School of Nigeria. From there, he went to India and studied at Jawahal Nehru University where he obtained a postgraduate International Law Diploma. After, he went to the Academy of International Law and Diplomacy in India where he received yet another diploma. Samba has accomplished so much through his career and continuous to excel even further in all his endeavors.


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